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Privacy Policy Regarding Facebook Registration In Our Website.

1)The categories of personal data obtained:(Your First Name/Surname,Birthday Details,Location Data,Personal Info).
2) How do we collect these data?(Using an APP along with a mybb plugin that connects our Website part with Facebook).
3)Why do we collect these data?(Just for faster new users registration in our Website).
4)Who else has access to your information?(Anybody that has access in our site at any means example:users browsing our forums and forum administrators).
5)[In any case we will not distribute your personal information obtained by you to any 3rd parties].

DISCLAIMER:(We and our (community) forum are not responsible in case other users or 3rd parties distribute private information of yours since its out of our control).

Personal Data Deletion can be requested from our contact form through the link:--->Click Link 1.

Personal Data Deletion can be requested from website administrator through this link too:--->Click Link 2.